With the variety of content available on today’s social media platforms, we are constantly faced with the question of what type of content should we share?!

Video is a big deal right now, but GIFs and images are still relevant also. Depending on the message and content, these formats can be used interchangeably.

Our friends at Hubspot recently shared an article that helps us understand better how to decipher between the three.

Three things to consider here:

  1. What type of post is it? Paid or unpaid (organic)? This affects the strategy.
  2. Where is it being posted? To stories or to the main feed?
  3. GIFs are uploaded as videos to Instagram.

Consider the platform you are sharing on. Instagram, for example, was built as an image first platform. High-quality photos that educate or inspire do really well here. TikTok, for example, is a video-first platform that features 15 to 60-second clips.

Stories are still being analyzed, therefore posting here is kind of a roll of the dice in a sense. Some channels do really well with mostly video, others do well with images. The biggest trend that seems to stick out is that stories are truly meant for “behind the scenes” moments. Think a day in the life of ____. Highly edited content does not do as well. Another way to think of it is reality TV circa 2010 – think Real World and the Bachelor before it became heavily scripted.

To read more on this topic, head on over to our friends at Hubspot.

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