TAE Podcast Ep. 9: Ben Hernandez: Scaling Your Aesthetic Practice, Timing Your Exit, & The Power of Social Media

Welcome back to the Aesthetic Edit podcast! In our final episode of the season, we had the pleasure of hosting Ben Hernandez, Founder & CEO of SkyTale Group, a full-service strategic, financial, and M&A advisory firm. Through management strategy and financial analysis, they help scale and sell group practice dental, medical aesthetics, and healthcare organizations.

The episode began with a lively discussion around Ben’s background in finance and how he transitioned into the aesthetics industry. He stressed the need for practice owners to have a clear vision and understanding of their growth trajectory in order to scale. Ben shared valuable insights into the traits of successful leaders and founders, emphasizing ambition, humility, and a vision-led approach. He highlighted the importance of executive coaching in developing leadership skills and navigating the challenges of scaling a practice.

The hosts lead a conversation focused on how to determine the appropriate time to sell a practice, with Ben advising against selling at the peak and emphasizing a strategic approach for a successful exit.

The discussion also explored the impact of social media on the industry, particularly in promoting services like Semaglutide. Ben showcased how platforms like Instagram can be valuable tools for education and marketing, enhancing visibility and credibility.

Overall, the episode provided valuable insights into the journey of scaling an aesthetic practice, the role of leadership in business growth, and the impact of social media in the industry. Ben’s expertise and practical advice offered listeners valuable strategies for success in the aesthetics space.

00:04:03 – Guest Introduction: Ben Hernandez from SkyTale

00:05:08 – Ben’s Background and Journey into Aesthetics Industry

00:07:27 – Supporting Entrepreneurs in Aesthetics Space

00:12:22 – Traits of Successful Founders & Leaders

00:18:16 – Importance + Impact of Executive Coaching

00:27:36 – Preparing to Sell Your Practice

00:37:29 – Impact of Social Media on the Aesthetics Industry

00:42:07 – Utilizing Social Media for Practice Growth

About The Aesthetic Edit: Finally, an aesthetics industry podcast that goes there. 👀 Think Alex Cooper meets Lauryn Bosstick. This podcast is for the providers and partners of medical aesthetic practices across the world who want to use their expertise + influence to create a positive impact.

Our show is produced to encourage our guests to get real about their experiences as entrepreneurs in the aesthetics space. We plan to dive into their why, what they stand for, and social impact. We also discuss their “hot take” on the controversial topics impacting the aesthetics industry. Lastly, we explore how social media has influenced the success of their practice.

Mary Robb is the Founder & CEO of Social Practice, a social media agency that serves the medical aesthetics space. Savannah Barineau is the Operations Manager at Social Practice. This dynamic duo is passionate about utilizing storytelling as a way to empower their audience and inspire growth. This podcast is produced by Social Practice.

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