TAE Podcast Ep. 6: Why Nurses Are Actually Great At Sales & Empowering Patients with Marco Emilio Valle

In this episode of the Aesthetic Edit Podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Emilio Valle, the founder of Aesthetic Influencers. Marco shared his inspiring journey in the medical aesthetic space, highlighting his emphasis on social responsibility and higher purpose.

He discussed his background, starting from his time at Allergan to launching his own company, Aesthetic Influencers, with a vision to leave a lasting legacy for his children. Throughout the episode, Marco highlights the significance of reframing sales as empowering patients and engaging with them on a deeper level. He provides practical tips for providers to connect with their patients, ask meaningful questions, and follow up effectively.

Along with the need of social media in patient conversation and building credibility through safety, provenness, and affordability messaging. He also teased the upcoming launch of Aesthetic Sales Hero, a sales coaching platform aimed at empowering practices and providers.

Introduction to Marco Emilio Valle: 00:00:33

Marco Emilio Valle’s Background: 00:01:18

Prayer Hikes and Business Influence: 00:04:39

Starting Aesthetic Influencers: 00:11:22

Focus on Social Responsibility: 00:13:03

Sales Tips for Providers: 00:15:24

Hot Take on Providers Being Bad Sales: 00:19:12

Mindset and Empathy in Sales: 00:22:27

Sales Coaching Strategies: 00:30:09

Role of Social Media in Patient Conversion: 00:37:02

Launch of Aesthetic Sales Hero Course: 00:41:05

About The Aesthetic Edit: Finally, an aesthetics industry podcast that goes there. 👀 Think Alex Cooper meets Lauryn Bosstick. This podcast is for the providers and partners of medical aesthetic practices across the world who want to use their expertise + influence to create a positive impact.

Our show is produced to encourage our guests to get real about their experiences as entrepreneurs in the aesthetics space. We plan to dive into their why, what they stand for, and social impact. We also discuss their “hot take” on the controversial topics impacting the aesthetics industry. Lastly, we explore how social media has influenced the success of their practice.

Mary Robb is the Founder & CEO of Social Practice, a social media agency that serves the medical aesthetics space. Savannah Barineau is the Operations Manager at Social Practice. This dynamic duo is passionate about utilizing storytelling as a way to empower their audience and inspire growth.

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