NEW Social Media Marketing Updates: November 2023


Verified Accounts Only Feed — Instagram is testing a feed that will only display posts from Meta Verified users. The new toggle will appear under the “Following” and “Favorites” options listed when you click on the Instagram logo in the app.


Polls in Comments — Instagram is gearing up to unveil a fresh feature enabling users to add polls within the comments section of their posts. This addition aims to offer creators an extra avenue to interact with their audience. Users will be able to incorporate polls into the comments of their regular feed posts as well as Reels. While the feature is currently in testing, Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed it will be available to all users in the near future


Collaborative Carousel Posts — Instagram has officially introduced a live test of its collaborative posts feature, allowing users to invite others to contribute photos or videos to their carousel feed posts. This offers a fresh engagement option, enabling collective storytelling for your content.


DIY Story Stickers — Instagram is currently experimenting with a new sticker feature that allows users to create stickers from objects within their photos. This feature enables users to identify and isolate specific elements within their images, which can then be used as stickers in their Stories and Reels.



Broadcast Channels — Facebook and Messenger will soon introduce broadcast channels, offering Facebook Page managers a new way to engage with their followers. These channels will also be accessible to anyone who wants to stay updated on their favorite Pages and explore topics of interest.



LinkedIn Verification — LinkedIn is expanding its profile verification feature by partnering with additional third-party verification providers. Initially introduced in April in partnership with CLEAR, this feature allows users to confirm their identity by submitting a government-issued ID, resulting in a verification badge on their profile to authenticate their identity.



15-Minute Videos — TikTok is now exploring the possibility of extending its video length limit to 15 minutes. This move marks a significant departure from TikTok’s signature format of short, snappy videos that typically last between 15 seconds and one minute. TikTok’s exploration of 15-minute videos represents a potential evolution for the platform, offering both creators and users more flexibility in content creation and consumption. It will be interesting to see how this experiment unfolds and whether it becomes a permanent feature on the platform.


Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT can now create images — OpenAI has integrated its latest image generator, Dall-E 3, into ChatGPT. Currently available in beta for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, which is OpenAI’s $20-per-month service, this addition allows users to easily instruct the chatbot in everyday language to generate unique images.

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