COMBAT CORONAVIRUS: 5 Ways To Keep Your Business Alive

To all fellow small business owners, we feel for you and what you are going through right now. Our heart breaks for those who have experienced the loss of customers, employees, revenue, and faith. It’s times like these we are forced to sit down with reality and make a decision on how to move forward.

As for Social Practice, our customers, and our followers – we aren’t ready to give up.

In fact, it’s the spirit that so many business owners carry within, that we must tap into. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit to overcome challenges and face these battles head on!

Today, our founder is going to share some creative and financial ways to keep your business afloat as we work together through this pandemic. We’re going all in on:

-Financial aid for small business

-Social media content during this time

-Video content batching & planning

-Proactive customer outreach

-Social media engagement to support your customers, industry and community

What is one way you have been able to keep your business afloat through this time? Please Kindly comment below as your knowledge may truly help a fellow business owner out.

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