How To Grow Authentically Without Buying Followers

While we’re on the topic of growing, we wanted to address an issue that we see daily in our industry. The issue is around buying followers.

In a nutshell, we strongly suggest against buying followers for your business profiles. A few reasons why:

-It majorly decreases your engagement rate

-Fake followers don’t engage authentically with your content – one single emoji or comments about buying bitcoin will drown your posts

-Social media platforms are constantly purging fake accounts and spam followers

To read more about the consequences of buying your followers, click here.

With that said, we didn’t want to leave you hanging if this was your “go-to” strategy for growing your account.

Start with these three things: 1) Quality Content 2) Consistent Content and 3) Engagement. These are the three key things we’ve found to be the most successful at authentically growing your social media following.

To hear more details, we suggest tuning in to this week’s video below!

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