Are Social Media Holidays Important?

Looking for a way to boost your social feed engagement? Social media holidays are great additions to your social media content strategy. Here’s why:

They help make your brand more relatable. Sure, the purpose of social is to help educate your followers on who you are and what you do. But it also requires a level of humanity and people love seeing where you share similar interests.

For example, Love Your Pet Day in February. If you post a photo of you and your pet, with a cute caption like “Dogs are my favorite people” or “Love is a four-legged word”, you might see a large uptick in comments and likes.

Which leads to the next reason social media holidays are so great – they lead to higher engagement rates. We suggest sprinkling these into your content strategy to help re-engage audience members who may have fallen off the bandwagon.

These holidays also help you stay relevant and “in the know”. It helps your followers see that you are aware of the latest trends and things going on from a social media perspective.

Not to mention, the social media holidays all have their own # hashtag which also helps get more eyeballs to our pages.

For our clients, we like to add in at least 3-5 social media holidays per month to keep the content strategy fresh and relevant.

What’s your favorite social media holiday?!

BONUS: use Hubspot’s FREE social media holiday template here

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