Introducing Social Practice: Affordable Social Media Solutions for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Social media is nothing new, but for many business owners, it can feel like an overwhelming yet important part of their marketing mix.

After years working in a variety of digital and advertising agencies, founder Mary Robb decided to create a solution that was missing in the space: organic social media content creation and management at an affordable price for small to medium sized business owners.

Unlike most of the competition, Social Practice focuses on three key areas that give a business’s social media profiles credibility: consistency, quality and engagement.

Businesses need to have a presence on social media now more than ever, yet owners and marketing managers are tasked with an entire process and strategy that takes time and effort.

Social Practice handles the entire process of social media management for your business: from staffing your social media team, to photographer/videography, post-production editing to give your brand a consistent look and feel, content creation through writing catchy captions and hashtags, content posting, audience engagement through comments, messages, hashtags, location tagging and more.

Simply put, social media is not a simple 5-minute, one time per week task. If you want your social media presence to be effective and to stand out, it takes a proven strategy and process.

That’s where Social Practice comes in. Even better, Robb is passionate about keeping the pricing of these services accessible and affordable to small business owners.

“A conservative small business doing <$1 million in annual revenue should budget $25,000-$50,000 a year for marketing. Our part-time social media package leaves plenty of budget on the table for other marketing strategies like PPC, SEO or print,” Mary said.

Passionate about business, Robb has a big heart for business owners and makes her customers the # 1 focus of the brand.

“I understand the challenges business owners are faced with on a daily basis, and the last thing many owners want to do is become an expert at social media. Budget is always a concern, which is why I created this model that gives businesses a quality solution at an affordable price.”

Businesses that have a stronger need to outshine the competitors in their space (retail, real estate, aesthetics, etc..) can opt for a full-time social media expert team, which includes daily management and posting for a fraction of the cost of a full time social media manager on salary.

According to Glass Door, mid-level social media managers are $55,000 a year – not including benefits. That’s a hefty investment for most smaller businesses. With Social Practice, you can get a full time social media team at a fraction of the price.

To learn more about Social Practice and how they can help your company develop a presence on social media, visit their website at


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