TAE Podcast Ep. 6: Dr. Rachel Walker | Normalizing Plastic Surgery, Social Media & Body Image, Breast Implant Illness

In this week’s episode, we dive deep into the inspiring story of Dr. Rachel Walker, board-certified plastic surgeon and owner of Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas. We learn how she was first introduced to the power of aesthetic transformations after a life-changing experience with jaw surgery during her college years.

Discover how plastic surgery has profoundly impacted Dr. Walker’s life, and learn the secret sauce behind her business success which begins with a steadfast commitment to putting patients first. Whether it’s leading patients towards realistic expectations around their surgeries or suggesting alternative procedures to achieve their goals, Dr. Walker emphasizes the importance of personalized care, shunning a one-size-fits-all approach.

In a thought-provoking “Hot Take,” Dr. Walker discusses the importance of normalizing self-love in 2024 and how choosing plastic surgery doesn’t negate self-love. We delve into the ethical considerations of body image and plastic surgery, overcoming shame and judgment, and the impact of mental health and social media on the field. Lastly, we hear her opinion on the rise of conversation around breast implant illness and what patients should consider before rushing to their surgeon.

Join us for an episode filled with heartfelt stories, professional insights, and valuable advice for anyone interested in the transformative power of plastic surgery. About The Aesthetic Edit: Finally, an aesthetics industry podcast that goes there. 👀 Think Alex Cooper meets Lauryn Bosstick. This podcast is for the providers and partners of medical aesthetic practices across the world who want to use their expertise + influence to create a positive impact.

Our show is produced to encourage our guests to get real about their experiences as entrepreneurs in the aesthetics space. We plan to dive into their why, what they stand for, and social impact. We also discuss their “hot take” on the controversial topics impacting the aesthetics industry. Lastly, we explore how social media has influenced the success of their practice.

Mary Robb is the Founder & CEO of Social Practice, a social media agency that serves the medical aesthetics space. Savannah Barineau is the Operations Manager at Social Practice. This dynamic duo is passionate about utilizing storytelling as a way to empower their audience and inspire growth. This podcast is produced by Social Practice.

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