TAE Podcast Ep. 3: Scaling In An Unstable Economy, CFO vs CPA, & Leading With Questions with Jessica Nunn | Maven Financial Partners


In this podcast, we explore Jessica’s founding story, uncovering the moment the idea struck her and the driving force behind her decision to embark on this entrepreneurial path. Discover why Jessica chose to specialize in the aesthetic/wellness niche and her preference for smaller practices, emphasizing the importance of personal connection over profit margins.

Jessica reflects on her early days as a female CPA working in a male-dominated industry, highlighting the pivotal moment when she realized the need to move away from that stage of her life and find her true identity. Embracing her assertiveness and love for guiding others, Jessica challenges the notion that being directive is harmful, advocating for empowerment instead. Jessica’s secret to success is nurturing her team and identifying her passion for helping people.

In the “Hot Take” segment, Jessica tackles the economic landscape of 2024 and shares strategies for companies to mitigate its impact. She also dives into the influence of social media on her business, highlighting its role in showcasing values, culture, and recruiting efforts.

Join us as we explore the intersection of entrepreneurship, aesthetics, and wellness and gain valuable insights to empower your journey in the industry.

About The Aesthetic Edit:

Finally, an aesthetics industry podcast that goes there. 👀 Think Alex Cooper meets Lauryn Bosstick. Obsession + realness + tangible takeaways. This is a podcast for the providers and partners of medical aesthetic practices across the world who want to use their expertise + influence to create a positive impact. In an accessible culture, patients are demanding to know the face behind the brand.

Our platform is designed to encourage our guests to let their hair down and get real with us + our audience. With each guest, we talk about their why, what they stand for, how they feel about specific controversial topics impacting the aesthetics industry, and how social media has influenced their journey.  We believe in inclusivity and empowerment, meaning aesthetic professionals are encouraging of each other’s success. We also believe the aesthetics industry has major impact of the health and wellness of people across the world, and that seeking cosmetic procedures should never be a shameful process. We want providers and patients to enjoy this show as a way to learn the truths of what’s trending in aesthetics while being encouraged in their own entrepreneurial journey in the aesthetics space.

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This podcast is produced by the team at Social Practice. To learn more about how we help aesthetic practices grow through a strategic social media campaign, visit our website at https://social-practicetx.com/

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