TAE Podcast Ep. 1: Welcome To The Aesthetic Edit Podcast: Our Intentions (Pilot Episode)

Finally, an aesthetics industry podcast that goes there. 👀 Think Alex Cooper meets Lauryn Bosstick. Obsession + realness + tangible takeaways. This is a podcast for the providers and partners of medical aesthetic practices across the world who want to use their expertise + influence to positively impact others. In an accessible culture, patients are demanding to know the face behind the brand + what you stand for + how you’re creating impact + how social media has influenced your growth.

Join our hosts, Mary and Savannah, seasoned social media professionals with a passion for all things aesthetics, as they embark on a journey to uncover the latest trends, insights, and controversies shaping the aesthetics industry.

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This podcast is produced by the team at Social Practice. To learn more about how we help aesthetic practices grow through a strategic social media campaign, visit our website at https://social-practicetx.com/

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