How to make your captions POP!

STOP! Before writing your next social media post, ask yourself: 

Are my captions telling my audience what’s in it for them?

Captions are a great way to convey YOUR message, but have you addressed WHY it matters? The fact of the matter is, your audience won’t care about you/your business/your offering(s) unless you are able to clearly explain how it benefits THEM. Stand out from your competitors and get clear on: 

  1.  How will your product/service/offer make your audience’s life easier?
  2. Why is your product/service/offer better than others?
  3. What pain point will your product/service/offer solve?

Keep those questions in mind when writing your next post and swipe through to see some examples of ways to make your captions POP! Follow us @socialpracticeus for more helpful tips!

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