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Did you catch our #InstagramLive with Anne Duffy, founder of @DewLifeMag & our founder, @MaryElizabethRobb?? 

“What Holds Women Back” was recently published in the Spring 2022 edition of the Dental Entrepreneur Woman magazine. This publication focuses on inspiring and highlighting women in dentistry. The mission is to encourage women to be true to their shared commitment of being their best in all things, using their gifts for others, while taking care of themselves.

Mary’s article uncovers a part of her personal career journey, revealing pivotal discoveries that have lead her to success, and shares her best advice on growing in your career as woman. 

In today’s Instagram Live, Anne and Mary briefly chat about the article and common issues women face in business. They also talk about the importance of knowing your strengths, both as an individual and in a team setting. 

Check out @DewLifeMag if you’re a female entrepreneur or woman in business. The community and conversations there are game changing! 

Read Full Article Here.

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