Social Media Post Topics For Your Business Instagram

Create a stellar content strategy by choosing 4-5 KEY TOPICS that you want to be consistent with on your channel. Here are some ideas:

✅ Company culture: your why, your team, you, your office, what you believe in, etc…

✅ Education: free information that helps your niche – little tidbits of info covering your area of expertise that your target audience can implement in their lives or business RIGHT NOW

✅ Personal Content – there’s definitely a human element to social media – and people want to know you on both a professional and personal side. Share vacations, family, hobbies, favorite places, etc…

✅ Sales: of course you should use social to sell your product or service, but try to keep it at 20% or less

✅ Holidays: social media/hashtag holidays, national holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and events

What topics are we missing?! What do you share most on your social media?

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