TikTok For Business: What You Need To Know

TikTok has quickly become the fastest growing social media platform to date. Many businesses are wondering: is this something I need to use for my brand?

The short answer: we say YES – but don’t worry, right now we’re still monitoring the growth and uses for TikTok for business. Right now we suggest getting the app and looking at the content being created. There are quite a few speculations about the privacy of this app, which we do advise educating yourself on, but as of now, we find it to be a place where there is major potential for brand growth.

The biggest reason we suggest taking a closer look at this app for your business is to remain culturally relevant. As we have seen in the past, Facebook was the pioneer of social media platforms. Then Instagram showed up and continues to be a blazing success. With TikTok being the newest and fastest-growing social platform, we definitely do not plan to turn a blind eye to the opportunities presented.

We have found the app requires a new level of creativity and entertainment, which shouldn’t scare you away from trying to create your own content. We suggest looking at some larger brands using TikTok to see how they’ve creatively added their message to the app, and start taking notes on what you find the most compelling.

Curious what TikTok is and who it’s for? Watch our founder, Mary Robb, try it out herself:

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