Social Media. Simplified. 

Social media staffing and management for busy healthcare practices & small-medium sized businesses. 


We handle the entire staffing process: interviews, reference + background checks and payroll.


The point of social media is to be social. Our experts know how to engage with both your current + ideal target audience.


We train our staff on social media strategy & process, along with social media HIPAA-compliance.


When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Each quarter, our team meets with our clients to develop a content plan for the upcoming months.

Content Creation

In-office content creation allows for consistent and custom content to be used on your channels.


Measure growth and ROI: stay on top of your social media analytics through monthly reports sent via email. 

Save time and money by hiring the professionals. 

Social media continues to be in high demand inside healthcare practices and small businesses today. Owners and staff don’t have the time, resources, or training on how to effectively and properly utilize social media.

Not to mention, hiring a full time social media manager is typically outside of a small business’s budget. According to GlassDoor, the average salary for this kind of role is $55,000 per year (not including benefits).

By hiring Social Practice, you can go back to doing what you do best and rest easy knowing that you have an experienced social media team that will manage all things social on your company’s behalf.


Best Social Practices

Follow our blog to read up on the latest social media trends & updates from the industries top sources.

What do I get when I hire Social Practice?


Through our highly selective staffing process, we choose the most professional, experienced and excited social media experts. We provide training to ensure the latest social standards are being provided to our clients. We also perform background checks and check referrals.

Social Strategy

The first step is to meet with your senior social strategist (SSS) to plan the content strategy for the upcoming months + schedule your first photo shoot. Quarterly strategy sessions with your SSS are booked on a continual basis to ensure content is relevant and in alignment with your brand.

CUSTOM Content creation 

Your carefully selected social media team will visit your office each quarter to gather images and video to use on your social profiles and stories. Once images are approved to post, we share on your most relevant social platforms (ie Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn). 


Posting content is great, but what really moves the needle is engaging with your current followers and target audience. This is part of our secret sauce. Our trained team knows exactly what to do and where to go to engage with your target audience. 


Leaving comments and messages unattended is a big no-no. Our team monitors your profiles for any commentary or feedback from your followers and customers. We respond quickly & accordingly, and bring any major issues to your attention immediately.

Reporting & Tracking 

Aside from noticing an instant increase in social media posts & engagement, you will receive a monthly report that displays growth and KPIs. 

Hire an expert social media team for your business today.

We’re passionate social media experts who are excited to give your company the social presence it deserves.